Online Association of Nepal is not for profit umbrella organization of entrepreneurs,organizations and other online professionals and workers(including journalists) working in the online industry of Nepal. It has been constantly working for the betterment of the online industry of Nepal. It has been uniting all the related stakeholders to provide better services. It has been also representing IT entrepreneurs in different national (governmental and non-governmental) and international level lobbying for formulation and implementation of sound laws and policies.  The organization has main objective of enhancing online activities in Nepal and uniting online workers for betterment of industry and country. To achieve these objectives OAN organizes and participates in different trainings, conferences, planning at National and International Level. The organization also has collaboration with different organization in same field and having similar objectives for resource and information sharing. OAN has been also working to promote IT tools in health, government, education industry of Nepal. OAN believes promoting gender equality, proportionate participation and promotes entrepreneurs and online workers from marginalized, economically backward communities. OAN also organizes different employment generation trainings. OAN works with the motto of Development of country using IT.